Our project dissemination in school year 2019-2020


24.- Memories of the Rallye. A little research on the evolution of the different flow of springs around Capellades

25.- Fridays for future. Global Stryke

26.- Previous presentation of Catalan students who will travel to Romania. Mediterranian food

27.-  C4. Forth mobility. Zimnicea, RomaniaRomania e-diary

28.- Remembering Zimnicea 

29.- Publication in digital local press of a press release about the meeting in Zimnicea, Romania  (Catalan language).

30.- Publication about Romaian mobility in the IES Molí de la Vila website (Catalan language) 

31.- Results of the evaluation forms of the Romania meeting.TeachersStudents.

32.- Completely recycled Christmas decoration in Molí de la Vila

33.- Publication about the recycled Christmas decoration and green flag in the IES Molí de la Vila website (Catalan language) 

34.- C5. Fifth mobility. Capellades, Catalonia, Spain. Now it's up to us to organize the activities. We have been preparing things for many days. Catalonia e-diary

35.- Remembering Catalonia 

36.- How did we prepare the games from all over the world with recycled materials for the visit to Catalonia?

37.- Mathematicians from the different partner countries of the Erasmus+ project

38.- Results of the evaluation forms of the Catalan meeting. TeachersStudents.

39.- Home confinement due to Covid 19 pandemic

40.- Summary of all activities carried out according to the eco Schools methodology and those of the Erasmus + project, during the 2019-2020 school year

41.- Report presented to the Spanish eco Schools agency at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year. Topic: reducing waste (Spanish language)