Composting Laboratory at the 2nd EKFE of Heraklion with the environmental team of the 11th High School of Heraklion. How are our food scraps decomposed? What percentage of our rubbish could be composted, relieving us of a huge amount of waste and protecting the environment?

C4 mobility in Romania

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Students and teachers of the 11th Heraklion High School moved to Romania, at Skoala Zimnaziala Nr3 in the town of Zimnicea, under the European Erasmus + program entitled Little steps make a big difference. Together we care for our home. The meeting was attended by 6 students and 3 teachers from each school in the partner countries.

Since Food is one of the most singularly important factors in overall health, student's from 11th Gymnasio of Heraklion have produced their own Christmas cookies. 

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11th Gymnasio of Heraklion participated in the action "Toy gathering ... Gift Giving" which is organized in our city for the eighth consecutive year, with the common motto: "No child without a toy during this Christmas!" It is about an  action that has become an institution for Heraklion, from Love Radio Crete 102.8.

The action was co-organized with the Region of Crete - Regional Unit of Heraklion and under the auspices of the Municipality of Heraklion Crete Greece and the Christmas Castle.

Use this padlet to write down your ideas. Create a collumn with your name.

As part of the European Mobility Week organized by the Municipality of Heraklion and in particular on Friday 20/9 at 19.30, the 11th High School Awarded ECOMOBILITY Team through the interactive story, "The dawn of a new era" introduces us to Dawn, a disabled girl studying, walking, going for pizza ... or just staying home ...

11th Gymnasium of Heraklion made an active presence at the 2nd festival of urban ecology that takes place in Heraklion city to celebrate the World Environmental Day, from 5th to 9th June !!!

25 years eco schools anniversary video campaign

The 11th Gymnasio of Heraklion was ranked 4th among the 31 nationwide schools in Greece that participated with their projects on ecological mobility in the ECoMobility campaign! The ceremony took place on April 20th, in the Ministry of Transport in Athens.

In the context of the Home Economics course, students of the first grade of the 11th Gymnasium of Heraklion realized the importance of water for mannind and realized his necessity in our everyday life over the years.

“Earth and water are seen as a couple... I think they look cute together but this is also because our planet NEEDS water. Earth says “you are my everything” because without water, earth would have been a big rock floating around space for no reason...”

As part of the ERASMUS + PROGRAM, entitled "Little steps make a big difference. Together we care for our home ", as well as the environmental program titled "In my school yard ", with responsible teachers Mrs. Filippidou Anna and Mrs. Kydonieos Kyriaki, the environmental group of the 11th Gymnasium of Heraklion, visited the facilities of the water purification process at the refinery in the area of Agriana in the Municipality of Hersonissos as well as the Aposelemis dam. The environmental team was also accompanied by Mr. Patsakis Giannis.

The students of the 11th Gymnasium of Heraklion Crete make ... compost! With the sponsorship of the Waste Management Association of Crete, a compostor was given to our school at the request of the students of the 11th Gymnasium of Heraklion.

This video was created by 2A students' class, in 11th Gymnasio of Heraklion Crete, under the Erasmus + Liltle steps make a big difference. Together we care for our home!


The first staff meeting was held in Poland and more specifically in the city of Kielce, in cooperation with the Szkola Podstawowa school JanaPawla II w Jaworzni, in order to get in touch with the teachers and reorganize the project entitled 'Little steps make a "Three teachers from each partner school, Zaklandna skola of Slovakia, Tefenni Mesleki v Teknik Anadolu Lisesi of Turkey, Institut Moli de la Vila in Spain, and Scoala Gimnaziala Nr.3 Zimnicea of Romania, coordinators and teachers involved in the Eco-Schools action, received part in it.