The care of the environment in the Molí de la Vila, Capellades, Catalonia, Spain

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Our project dissemination in school year 2020-2021

Our project dissemination in school year 2019-2020

Our project dissemination in school year 2018-2019

Last Friday, September 27th, 2019, at the Molí de la vila school, we joined to the global strike for climate, at our break time. Under the slogan "climate emergence" the students, the day before, were preparing different banners. We were dressed in green or blue t-shirts

Last Friday, April 5th, at the Molí de la Vila de Capellades institute, we created the first echocomite of its history. The echocomite is composed of students of all levels, teachers, parents, auxiliary staff, the headmistress and a councilor of the city council.