The care of the environment in the MolĂ­ de la Vila, Capellades, Catalonia, Spain


  • 1st quarter 2018/2019

In our center, during many years ago, we have been working on different initiatives to take care of our environment. Participate in this Erasmus + project, with the help of the advice of ecoschools, it will allow us to improve this actions and still do more. In this presentation that we do for our first meeting in Poland, we can see what we had done until December 2018

spanish presentation in Poland.pdf

  • 2nd quarter 2018/2019

In the second quarter we started with the mobility to Slovaquia, where we became aware of the need for water savings, the use of water purifiers, the problems posed by its contamination and the advantages of its storage in artificial reservoirs, that at the same time, allow the obtaining of electrical energy.

During the month of March, we created our ecocomite consisting of 8 students, 4 teachers, 3 parents, the headmaster of the center and a councilor from the city council of Capellades

World games (recycled material).pdf

exhibition and debates on energy.pdf