Last Friday, April 5th, at the MolĂ­ de la Vila de Capellades institute, we created the first echocomite of its history. The echocomite is composed of students of all levels, teachers, parents, auxiliary staff, the headmistress and a councilor of the city council.

The aim of the echocomite is to make the school more sustainable in terms of water management, waste and energy saving. There will be three courses of work that will involve the whole center.
The idea of forming the echocomite came thanks to the participation in the Erasmus + project "Little steps make a big difference. Together take care of our home." The main objective of this project is to obtain the "green flag" qualification, and for this purpose, we will work on our echocomite. We will always be advised by the Ecoschools Association.
We hope to do a great job together.