Last Friday, September 27th, 2019, at the Molí de la vila school, we joined to the global strike for climate, at our break time. Under the slogan "climate emergence" the students, the day before, were preparing different banners. We were dressed in green or blue t-shirts

This is one of the first actions that take place, this course, at the institute within the framework of "Fridays for future". The evidence of the effects of climate change, which has brought us a very long and hot summer this year, makes reacting to young students in order to raise awareness among society in order to take measures to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels that increase the greenhouse effect.

An intense campaign is also planned to promote recycling by separating the different types of fractions into the trash, encouraging, at the same time, the reduction and reuse of packaging.

The school's teachers also joined to the protest.